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Incorporated in 2005, our Company established its manufacturing unit at Surat (Gujarat) in 2008, mainly with the object of manufacturing synthetic fabrics from man-made yarns by using weaving technology. Our Company has its registered office and manufacturing units in Surat, India. Our Company started commercial production in 2008. Our Company, under the guidance of experienced promoters, initially installed 12 jacquard power looms to manufacture synthetic fabrics from man-made yarns in 2008. Thereafter, in the year 2012, our Company increased its production capacity by purchasing additional 24 jacquard power looms. Currently, our Company owns 36 jacquard power looms to undertake the weaving of the synthetic fabrics from man-made yarns.
Currently, our Company manufactures synthetic fabrics in the form of semi-finished sarees and dress materials. These products are offered in various designs as per customer requirements. Semi-finished sarees and dress materials manufactured by our Company are further processed by our customers before selling to the end-users. The main raw material for our product is man-made yarn, which is sourced from local markets. Our Company based on its experience and its standards, conforms to major specifications and customer
requirements. We firmly believe in benchmark product quality, customer centric approach, people focus, ethical business practices and good corporate citizenship. We draw our strength from an age old tradition of quality products.
Our on-going manufacturing units are equipped with all equipment and facilities for manufacturing synthetic fabrics, including jacquard power looms alongwith all the other allied equipments. For more details on the Equipments owned by the Company, please refer the para titled “Equipments” later in this chapter.

Our Strengths

  1. Experienced Promoters backed by strong management team
  2. Existing customer relationship
  3. Fully Integrated Manufacturing Facility
  4. Existing relationship with suppliers

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